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How to produce the preview trailer, film.

"ExpoFilm " together with a number of leading domestic professionals offer you to produce the preview trailer, corporate film.

Standard scheme of trailer or film production:

1. You provide the technical requirement to the trailer, film.
2. We choose the kind of preview trailer, promo film.
3. We determine the schedule of works, estimate, terms and agreement for services rendering.
4. We provide and you approve the scenario.
5. It consists of the following periods: preparatory period, camera period, assembly and post dubbing of audio period.
6. First product sample would be shown to you and would be corrected in compliance with you remarks.

Film delivery - we present you the final product.

Services on placement of preview trailer:

1. You provide us with requirements in respect of target audience of the trailer.
2. We are planning the placement of trailer, providing the variants of media planning of the advertising campaign.
3. We place the trailer on TV channel, cinemas, etc.


Services in the field of film production:

1. We organize the shooting in Russia for foreign studios.