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Corporate film, expo film, promo film...

demonstrates the abilities of the company, shows its production and tells the features of origination. Corporate films have different directions and all depends on the task that you set for yourself.
Corporate film, expo film, promo film, image film (trailer), presentation film, film-booklet, film-business card - are the assistants for consumers, customers and specialists.
Depending on their task the films are used for further work by the specialists and are demonstrated to consumers, customers.
The films are duplicated, and the film copies are distributed at specialized exhibitions, different events, show houses, offices, showrooms.


Expo film - is a stand film, it is designed for the demonstration at specialized exhibitions, exhibitions halls and offices at plasma display panels. It is designed to attract the attention of potential customers to your stand as it has the visual story about your production and services.


Presentation film - is the presentation of the company about its activity, story about new products and services, technological features of the production, economic indexes.
Presentation film - is the presentation of new perspective projects to investors and partners.


Educational film assists in mastering a new technique or technology, and is demonstrated at classes for the staff. Educational film saves time of managing staff for training of new employees.


We produce films of different genres and directions. Genre and direction of the corporate film depends on the final task. A film can be a business card, booklet. It can be a vivid film to the anniversary of your firm.
In production of corporate films as well as in production of preview trailers we use computer graphics , 2D and 3D graphics, animation, and we attract actors, composers.
We also produce congratulatory films of anniversaries and holidays. The congratulatory film according to the exclusive original scenario is also possible.




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